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About Us

Boston Short Mission Mission (BSTM) was formally established on December 9, 2006. Composed of brothers, sisters, and pastoral staff from different local churches, BSTM is a member of the International Fellowship of Christian Short Missions (IFSTM) and has been supported by the New York Short-Term Mission Training Centre (NYSTM) and the Hong Kong Christian Short Term Mission Training Centre (HKSTM). The purpose of BSTM's establishment is to unite believers from various churches so that they may inspire each other to outreach in their own churches through regular evangelism, to pass on the vision of evangelism to other believers, and to deliver a testimony of our unity to the community.

Our History

The establishment of the BSTM originated from Boston Chinese Evangelistic Church (BCEC). In 2001, the pastors and lay believers of the BCEC saw the need to spread the Gospel in the Chinese community, so they began the first year of short-term mission training in the summer season (summer local mission). The speaker is Pastor Willy K. Ng (current Chair of the Board of Directors of NYSTM). After a week of outreach and training, the brothers and sisters deeply experienced the need and joy of spreading the Gospel in the Chinese community. In the following years, with the help of NYSTM's coworkers Fan Man Kin and Grace Leung, pastors and brothers and sisters from different churches in Boston saw the needs of the Chinese community, responded in unity to the Great Commission, and participated in summer mission training and outreach. It was under such circumstances that BSTM was formally established on December 9, 2006.

Since its establishment, BSTM has offered a variety of evangelistic training programs, including summer local missions, winter local missions, two-year personal evangelism certificate courses, and full-day classes on specific topics. In addition, BSTM also provides assistance to different churches in evangelism to help churches and brothers and sisters train believers to equip themselves and spread salvation through action.

Pastoral Board

Pastor Daniel Chan (Boston Chinese Evangelical Church)

Pastor Steve Law (羅天緯牧師(Wollaston Lutheran Church)

Minister Francis Lok (free minister)

Minister SukHan Lok (free minister)


Joady Lin     (Episcopal Boston Chinese Ministry)

John Wong (Boston Chinese Evangelical Church)

Karen Hui   (Boston Chinese Evangelical Church)

Nancy Tran   (Greater Boston Chinese Alliance Church)

Jacky Wong  (Boston Chinese Evangelical Church)

Joyee Leung (Boston Chinese Evangelical Church)

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